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Recovery of Stolen National Assets

Every country today suffers from the theft of government funds and their illegal removal from its jurisdiction.  These monies are held by civilians and other stakeholders in various instruments, assets, and banks around the world, to the detriment of the country of origin and its citizens. Tracking down the money and working to get it back is a specialized, resource-heavy endeavor which is often an important priority, but it does not garner the necessary expertise or resources.  As a result, countries often cede these valuable national resources to thieves and money launderers.

We have the ability to seek out and trace absconded funds using our global banking network, cyber experts, and extensive law enforcement contacts around the world.  We can pinpoint absconded funds and bring them to the attention of the country of origin. With the country of origin’s green light, our legal experts can then begin the processes necessary to recover these funds, so they can be used for the benefit of the country and its citizens.


Risk Management

Ark Strategic offers risk management assessments for our clients.  These include a comprehensive review and assessment of a client’s culture of compliance, risk management, governance, policies and procedures, KYC/AML protocols, transaction monitoring, internal investigations and reporting schema, sanctions screening, ethics & anti-corruption compliance, and compliance training.  This is followed by the development and presentation of detailed recommendations for the client, and support in their implementation.

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© 2022 by Ark Strategic.
© 2022 by Ark Strategic.